Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is integral to the success of a business, in an era where users and prospects are hungry for information about the products or service. The content is a mix of visual imagery, explainer videos, technical information, blogs that offer clarifications about different uses and challenges, apart from website content. We have been in digital marketing long enough to understand the importance of making a pitch in the right way. Our approach has been an integrated one, where all content is aligned with the single purpose of disseminating information and generating interest among prospects.

Sharing informative content to spur interest in actual product or service

One of the most important strategies of content marketing is the need to share information about the category of products or service in a general manner, which will create interest in the actual product or service. Effectively, this means that content created and shared on locations other than own website, should actually speak of the products or service as a whole and specifically about your brand. This will be of information to users or prospects, who will then attempt to find out more about your own brand or product. This does not apply to content shared on own website, where the marketing can be a direct approach, giving specifications about the actual product itself.

Different formats of content

Content needs to be in different formats to appeal to different kind of users. Here, it is necessary to understand that pictorial content is a powerful medium, establishing an instant connect. An image can explain many aspects of a product better, and give the user or prospect a ‘feel’ of the product through a clear depiction. Similarly, explainer videos have captured the imagination of Internet users and have been used to great effect by businesses, dispensing with the need for lengthy explanation about how a product or service can help. For instance, if your site offers a service or an application that helps other businesses, it would be a good idea to have a short and crisp explainer video to help users understand more about the service through animated videos, rather than having to read through lengthy content. However, it is important to understand that text still remains high on priority. This is because; nothing else can replace text when it comes to information of a particular kind.

Main benefits of content marketing

The combination of content across multiple channels, serves many purposes – it engages prospects and customers, it helps to boost sales considerably, and it actually helps to cut operational costs. Customers are always looking for information during all stages of acquiring a product or using a service. Prior to making the purchase, prospects look for information about differentiators in the offering. And after the purchase, users look for information about how to use the product or service, and resolving or customizing minor issues. In the absence of readily available content, users and prospects will certainly have to be furnished information through other channels, such as a customer service desk that needs to be manned. CS operations are resource intensive and expensive options. Content that is available on websites and other forums will greatly reduce the need for handling inbound calls that deal with minor issues. This is one area where content helps to clash OpEx.

Content is niche and mandates the need for experience in creating the right content