Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Getting visitors to your site is just one part of your efforts to increase sales. A visitor on your site who does not convert into a client is only a statistic and of very little real value to you, in terms of business objectives or commercial interests. The second and equally important aspect of your effort to get visitors on your site is to get them to convert into clients. Convert rate Optimization is the natural and inseparable bedfellow of SEO and without CRO, your SEO will have nil results on your bottom-line.

Getting the most out of high quality leads

To get the most out of visitors to your site it is important to get a few aspects right. Your landing page needs to be relevant to the search that was launched by the visitor to your site, or the link that brought the visitor to your site. You need to understand how a customer behaves on your site and what he or she feels about your site. If the experience has been good enough, then you can be sure that you are well on your way to acquire a new client or retain one. However, if the user has a bad experience on your site, due to one of many reasons, you can safely assume that you have squandered an opportunity.

Enhance engagement levels by meeting specific needs of customers

With shortened attention spans of Internet users, it is necessary to keep visitors riveted to your site. It is possible to achieve greater engagement levels by actually meeting the requirements of users or offering something that is better that their original requirements. To do that, it is necessary to understand what the user exactly needs. Our expertise in the field of analytics and research gives us the intrinsic ability to understand what a user needs when he uses a particular keyword. This is often read in the context of the user activity on a particular page, the amount of time spent, further activity and the final action of the user. This could be a micro conversion or a bounce/abandonment. By mapping activities in a sequence we understand user preferences.

Split testing for coming up with best options

Rather than have a single idea that may or may not be effective, it pays to have many good ideas which can be tested to ascertain the most effective one. With proven expertise in carrying out A/B testing, we help clients understand better options of presenting content to visitors. Our CRO efforts will help you understand faultlines, rectifying and presenting content and all other activities to harmoniously attract, retain and convert leads into relationships.