Pay Per Click

Keyword driven strategies are more like the tip of an iceberg – there is a lot beyond what is exactly visible. PPC lures customers into clicking on a client’s ads at the exact moment when search results are displayed. The advantage of timing needs to be driven home with the right kind of information that will create a hot brand image, with crisp information.

Trust us to load everything that is needed into a PPC campaign to turn the moment of exposure into a relationship. Striking the balance between too much or too little is important, in addition to nudging the competition out with a standout presence. This is where we make a difference so big that your PPC campaigns will turn out be cost effective.

Our approach takes into consideration the human aspect, and eliminates the little silos between an organic search and a paid search. PPC and organic searches are vital cogs in the wheel of digital dominance and we roll out detailed plans to bring about a bridge that will seamlessly attract and retain customers.

We have observed many clients attempting an in house strategy and failing most of the time in this niche and highly specialized area. Merely bidding and relying on the paid search will not bring in hordes of visitors. It requires a perspective, a strategy that includes –Analysis of the competition and their possible strategies – before you launch a campaign where a search triggers your ad to display, you need to understand how the competition is faring, and outsmart them. Our competencies include this incisive angle of research.

Research of appropriate keywords – the need to target the right keywords assumes the highest importance here. Because you are paying for the ads, and for better ROI, you need to get the basics right here.

Identify the right landing page where a click will lead a prospect – imagine a prospect landing on an irrelevant page, though you have what he or she needs in a different page? Your efforts get trashed. The right keyword, needs to take the prospect to the correct page. We analyses search results, traffic, on page timings and bounce rates to understand the relation between a keyword and the landing page.

With paid campaigns, there is a need to manage the bids better and professionally. You cannot afford to let opportunities slip through because of a lack of application. With Linkrot CS, you can look forward with great confidence to impressive ROI, in addition to the overarching effects of complementing paid campaigns with organic search. This strategy will help in building a presence and not just turning out to be a flash in the pan.

We take pleasure in witnessing the unfolding of success stories of clients who have benefited immensely from our PPC campaigns. Our reporting and metrics of evaluation of campaigns will showcase the back-room activity that goes into the success of a PPC campaign.

When you choose Linkrot CS for PPC, you will ride the SERPs with a dominance that will dwarf others, leaving you with better chances and rates of engagement.