Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines are intuitive than ever before and websites that aim to generate traffic to their sites need a sound SEO strategy. The primary goal of attracting visitors to a site is a sign up for services or products, and to do that, organic search methods and results are mandatory. To ride the waves of organic search, businesses need a digital lure that meets search engine requirements. This is where many businesses lose the plot.

At Linkrot CS, we offer the full suite of SEO solutions to businesses. The science of SEO requires perfection, for it to work. It is not a stand alone option, a magical wand that draws visitors, it is a grand meta design, like little beacons to direct your prospects, your targets to your site. You can then proceed to meet your primary goal of conversion, or your secondary goals of micro-conversions, where the visitor(s) click on CTAs or spend more time on page.

Our solutions straddle the entire SEO landscape through a mix of the following, to ensure high visibility and a steady up the SERP results for higher convert rates.

Website Audit – Our comprehensive audit of a site clears the pitch for better results. Many sites find themselves stuck with poor site architecture, a lack of focused URL schemes and other bottlenecks that drag a site’s rankings down. Our audit helps our experts to overhaul the site to realize optimized potential.

Keyword Research – Keywords are require in-depth analysis, and are certainly not limited to just the Google predictive text you see in a search box. It involves a lot more including Latent Semantic Indexing and Long Tails. Our research will help pinpoint the contextual keywords that make the real difference.

On Page/Off Page Optimization – Optimizing on Page content is pivotal to the whole process. The meta tags, the headers and footers and other on page elements are crucial to the creation of a site that is in perfect in harmony with search engines.

Content – Content has two dimensions. Content needs to offer the right information in a riveting manner in addition to allowing itself to be snared by search engines, with the right kind of headline analyzers and a careful elimination of stop words.

Local SEO – Local query results have combined with searches launched from mobile to become potent and intrinsic to SEO. Businesses that ignore local SEO will miss out a large chunk of prospects who offer far higher chances of conversion.

Link Building – When it comes to links – backlinks and inbound links, it is not just the numbers that count, it is the quality matters equally, if not more. We bring the qualitative edge to links transforming the network into one that delivers.

Social – This is the digital milieu and social engagement lends a towering presence to sites through brand recognition and recall. We ensure that our clients remain in the instant recall category of prospects through overt and subtle presence across social media.

Ecommerce – Businesses are lulled into a feeling of confidence the moment an Ecommerce site is up and running – falsely anticipating a rush of customers. Far from it, without the right push, ecommerce will find it difficult to sustain in a highly competitive environment.

You can look forward to the following specialized services when you sign up with us

• End to end consultancy

• Comprehensive Audits

• Timely and accurate reports

• Strategy to dominate the competition

• Result oriented approach with proven metrics