Social Media Optimization (SMO)

This is the era of social media, where a tweet or a viral video can do what a whole ad agency will be unable to accomplish. Social media interactions and perception of the public about brands can make or break a business. It is necessary for businesses to occupy the space and interact positively through regular feeds and be a part of discussions to leverage the popularity of social media. Brands and businesses that do not maintain the required presence on social media channels are bound to find it difficult to remain on top of the competition. It is actually hard to image a business without a social media image, unless the business happens to exclusively cater to governments or similar entities, where the marketing is not required.

Two sides of the same coin - SMO and SEO

Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are two sides of the same coin. SEO helps to bring prospects to the client, while SMO keeps the prospects engaged. This can result in not just conversion and micro conversion of leads, it can help increase the reach of the brand through social media through communities. SMO needs to be handled by dedicated resources, with a clear strategy on the road ahead. To leverage the power of SMO, it is necessary to ideate, manage, integrate, respond and promote content to drive traffic and engage users. This is exactly where are services will fit in like a perfect cog in the wheel of marketing efforts of your business. Our dedicated teams handle SMO requirements of a large number of businesses to keep the community engaged with the right kind of fresh content.

Multifaceted social media engagement

Social media engagement is multifaceted and can deliver results only when all areas are covered, offering a well rounded solution. Some of the channels of SMO that we offer include - Social Bookmarking, Social Event Marketing, sharing of Visual Content in communities, reviews of products, RSS feeds, Q&A sessions with users and prospects in a community and blogs. Blogs are typically posted in websites and forums as per domain requirements. Sticking to a single channel is akin to conducting sales promotion campaigns in a particular area alone. For better reach, SMO needs to involve may channels, and we have the expertise to handle requirements across different channels by creating, disseminating content in different styles and formats, apart from taking care of handling discussions centered around the product or service.

Boost performance metrics and slash costs of acquisition

Our services have helped clients reach out to a wider audience and target specific communities that offer high quality leads that come with the probability of higher conversion rates. Informed prospects are more likely to convert into relationships than prospects who are wary of the absence of a brand on social media. Businesses that engage with users directly and respond to user generated content in a mature manner are more likely to be trusted than a brand that remains a silent spectator to discussions that either appreciate or negatively review a product or service. One of the greatest advantages that we offer clients through our SMO services is a solution that can be considered as one of the most cost effective ones. Additionally, our expertise as full service provider lends us the perspective to understand the needs of SMO in the context of other digital marketing channels, including SEO. This awareness of the big picture helps us to strategist better and offer a solution that works in tandem with other efforts in building band awareness. Our SMO services come with the assurance of a dedicated team of highly motivated and creative professionals with the right levels of maturity to handle public domain discussions and content that will never backfire or cause complications to businesses.