Website Development

Digital presence is multifaceted – it needs to be riveting, informative, super fast, mobile responsive, user friendly and needs to ride high on search engine results. Achieving this requires not just creatives, it requires strategy and technical expertise, to cross milestones for a towering presence.

At Linkrot CS, our bespoke offering roll all the requirements into one single solution that delivers exactly, and surpasses requirements. By partnering with our team of highly successful and specialized resources you will get the strategy right, from the very beginning. More like a turnkey project, our website development team will incorporate the features that are necessary for a standout presence on the web, both in appeal and in action.

A visual masterpiece or an award winning site for stunning appeal will be of little or no use, if users are unaware of its existence. A website that generates heavy traffic but makes it virtually impossible to navigate the maze of pages to reach the desired page will witness high bounce rates. The trick is in getting the synergies right here.

Our drawing board is a lot unlike what a traditional website development team would look like. Before a concept acquires form, there is considerable research. Our focus is centered around the need to make the website useful and not just eye candy for a casual visitor. We mean business.

Your website is your emissary cum channel for interaction. The role is twofold. Your website needs to incorporate SEO to bring in digital footfalls to your business. It then needs to achieve primary or micro-conversions. It needs to offer an interface that makes users love the experience. It needs to load at high speeds and sync with mobile devices without a change in the feel and experience. And it needs to offer an immersive appearance with visuals, explainer videos and the right content. Are you equipped to do this? Do you have the ammunition to fire away on all fronts? We, at Linkrot CS have what it takes to give you results that will blow your mind away and that of your prospects.

Our website development teams rely on a site architecture that is open ended, this means that at any point of time in the future, your modifications and updates will be seamless and free from hassles. Load times are a priority for us, because to put it quite simply – no one really has the time to spend waiting for a slow site. Attention spans are shrinking and you need to get the user hitched in the very first few micro seconds. And the journey from thence needs to be smooth, with interfaces that are seamless and experiential.

With us helming your website development you can be sure that our design process adopts a customer focused approach. We analyze online behaviour and rely on inputs collated from authoritative sources to bring about a design that makes every second on your website an unforgettable experience.

At Linkrot CS, we have consistently built sites that reflect clients business value and proposition in a manner that brings results. We mean business. We help businesses establish digital supremacy.